Thursday, March 06, 2008

Whoa... what just happened. This blog used to get only 20-30 visitors a day at most. Today, I check my cluster map and there was like 433 vistors yesterday!

I think this might because of the post I put up about Tony. Hrmm... I guess political blogs always gets more hits. Especially in the election seasons. After the elections, back to posting about my mundane life.

This is the map on my clustrmaps. I like this tool, it's really cool. I check it once awhile to see if the red dots grow. Today, there's suddenly so many visitors from Sabah and Sarawak. There's like one visitor from Hawaii. I'm still waiting for visitors from the African continent. Visitors from Nigeria, South Africa or Madagascar would be nice!

Even visitors from Eastern Europe are visiting this blog, which is wierd... I wonder what interest them here. The American visitors are spread out through North America. The largest seems to be Chicago... can't really see since the map is so small.

I wonder if they have internet in Siberia. Getting a lonely raindeer sheperd surfing to my blog would be cool.

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