Monday, March 31, 2008

Tied to the Malaysian way of life

Today I woke up at noon (quite usual for me on a weekend). There wasn't much to do and then Chui Yan called, so we when to partake in my favourite activity, mall walking. This time, we when to The Garden instead. This was my second time at The Garden, although I've been to Midvalley many times, I've only walked over to The Garden once.

Most of the shops are boutiques and there's very little shops there that would interest me. The shops I like in Midvalley are like Ace Hardware, MPH, Carrefour and Jusco. I guess I'm not in The Garden's demographic.

I've always wondered, why is it that shopping malls like The Garden and Pavilion caters mostly to women shoppers yet their items are so expensive. In Malaysia, men still make more than women but in the upscale shopping malls, its all for women. I walked around in Robinson and they have 2 floors just to cater to the women shoppers!

Sometimes when I walk around One Utama during lunch time, I see a lot of women shoppers shopping. Most of them are not in working clothes so I surmise that there's 3 possibilities:

  1. They're college students. KBU and KDU is nearby and these young ladies hang out in One Utama a lot. However, they probably have parents as a source of income or have a part time job.
  2. They don't have fix working hours. Probably work on shifts or are freelance consultants so they do have a source of income.
  3. They're housewifes who have a husband to support them, the rich tai tais.

This does make me wonder though, where do guys hang out and spend their money?

I did see a few shops dedicated to men's fashion like Ted Baker. The video above is the window display from their shop. I like the cute hares jumping. However, most of the stuff they have in GAP, Ted Baker are way outside of my budget.

Judging from my own lifestyle, I spend a lot of time in the Digital Mall too. When ever I go to the Digital Mall in section 14, it's mostly guys walking around. Everyone is browing for some IT gadget or parts. I could spend hours just walking around the Digital mall looking at stuff.

Damn, everything requires money.

I'm now tied to the Malaysian economy. I have 2 loans in my name now, a housing and car loan. When I just graduated, I used to think I could leave this country anytime as I didn't have a loan and nothing to tie me down.

Now I have someone to care for, loans to pay. I have a part to play now in the local economy. I have to have a steady source of income so I can continue on. I'm tied to the Malaysian way of life now.

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