Monday, March 10, 2008

Passing Mark

Warong Saga

Everyone who voted for the opposition is asking for Pak Lah to step down as Prime Minister. Everyone is reacting as if Pak Lah actually lost the election. People 'seem' to forget that the BN did win a simple majority and can form the next federal government... although there's a stronger opposition in Parliament now. It would probably a lame duck government. I hope Parliament doesn't get bogged down in too many deadlocks.

I guess it just goes to show that this is the one exception to Malaysian standards. Normally, we are used to substandard goods and services but when it comes to election results, if the BN doesn't get a 2/3 majority, it's a failure. Getting a C is not a passing mark... must get at least a B to pass!

The opposition @ Alternative Front should also change its name now. While they're still the opposition in Parliament, they now hold 4 states (Perak, Selangor, Penang and Kelantan). In the 4 states, they are now the rulling state government, so it's not right to call them the 'opposition' anymore. A rebranding would change people's perception about them. Maybe a change to "The People's Voice" would sound better. The "Barisan Rakyat" name sounds much better. Telling people you're an alternative choice wouldn't last long if everyone swings to your side. The Reformasi slogan wouldn't last long too if you're already the government of the day.

They're not the underdog anymore. They're quite a huge doggie now.


Sim said...

Hahaha. Nice name for the shop!

luxen said...

The logo of Warong Saga even looks like the old Saga logo. Odd shop.