Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life goes on

I was waiting to go home while sitting at my desk at work today and some of my colleagues started talking about politics. One of them told us he wasn't surprised to see BN smaller victory. He said for those who were around in 1969, they were used to it as BN had suffered a huge dent then, although the loss now is even greater. We have to be on guard so that racial integrity is strong.

The people's hunger for news on politics is huge, even Malaysiakini's website is still trying to cope with the huge spike in traffic. Information is power now. People are looking for the latest news, even turning to blogs for unverified news.

Their is so many ramifications from the election results affecting all sectors of life, from economics to the man on the street. We can't see the effects now yet but in the construction sector, large companies are already worrying about current projects.

As for now, there is only very small affects on me. Some small changes in shooting schedules; listening to my colleagues, friends and family talk about politics; dodging political banners on the roads... other than that, life hasn't changed for much yet. Same old, same old.

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