Monday, March 17, 2008

One Utama, my second home

First of all, I must say that I am biased. I think One Utama is the best shopping centre in the whole of Malaysia. It is also my second home. I spend a lot of time in this place. I remember, on the second day it opened, I was already there strolling along its spacious wide corridors. When I returned from the US, the first few things I did was stroll along its corridors also.

One of the plus point of my office is its location, it's right next to One Utama. For lunch, if it's not raining and if I don't have a lot to do, I walk over to it. It's only a 5 minutes walk. I walk out my office's main entrance; walk pass the IBM building's lobby; then through One World Hotel and viola... I'm in One Utama old wing already.

I'm not the only one who walks to One U for lunch, a lot of people from my office and IBM does that too. At lunch time, the corridors attaching One World Hotel and One Utama are full of people wearing office tags.

Most of the time, I stop at the Chicken Rice Shop for lunch as its the closest shop in One Utama. If I'm a bit more adventurous, I'll walk all the way to the New Wing for lunch. After lunch, I usually stroll along for awhile to buy some groceries or just to window shop.

I love mall walking and One Utama during lunch time is the best place do it. It's not crowded, the corridors in the New Wing are wide and bright. I feel just dandy strolling along on its marble floor. I don't have any particular shop I want to visit most of the time, I just like walking in One U. It takes my mind of things.

My ritual after visiting One U is to always stop by at the toilet in One World Hotel. Being a 5 star hotel, they have one of the cleanest and nicest toilet in the whole of area. If I ever need to take a dump, that's my public toilet of choice. If I can still hold it in, sometimes I would walk all the way from my office to their toilet just so I can sit in it's luxury.

In the evening after work, I go back there again with Chui Yan. I watch my movies there and eat dinner too. I think I've walked along almost every area accessable to the public. I haven't been into any of the service corridors yet and I don't intend too, not much to see there.

So what's my favourite shop there? Hrm... hard pick but I'll have to say the home fix shop in the new wing. I love staring at its tools to figure out what I could use it for. Giant would be my second favourite.

Anyway, I'll end this with pictures I took today at One Utama. It's pictures of their Easter display, with all sorts of balloons. Things that kids would love to see. I like that pink bunny and how they made it's two front tooth.

By the way, I'm not paid or compensated in any way to write this. I just really like this place. The official name of this place is actually 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

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