Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blast from the past

I had a meeting today with an avid coin collector. The guy had build up quite an extensive collection of old Malay coins. I have to admit, I don't much about numismatic (that's collecting coins) but I'm the type willing to learn anything new.

I thought it was just a short recon interview to see what coins the guy had, so I called up an old high school friend who was also working in the same building. I told him I'll just take 20 minutes and I'll be down to meet him. Boy, was I wrong.

Turns out, the meeting with the coin collector lasted 2 1/2 hours. The guy was just really passionate about his collection. It was a really interesting meeting with him. At first I wanted to put some pictures of his coin up here but on second thought, I better not... for now. Some things I want to clear up first.

His coins are so rare that his collection is one of the best old Malay kingdom coins in the whole world. It was a privilege to just see his coins.

Anyway, my friend got frustrated waiting for so long, he had gone home already. I called him up after the meeting and we when out with another old friend driving around town and talking about old times. It was a fun night revisiting the past.

Looks like I spend the whole evening in the past, from old coins to old memories.

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