Sunday, February 26, 2006

back online
I'm back online again. Had to get a new video card from Aone Plus. The damn video card I had died a month after the warranty ended. I was wondering what to get and since my old one was pretty much on the high end side, I had to get something comparable or better. I settled for the same NVIDIA NX 6600GT type but this time I gave up hope with MSI. All the MSI video cards I had died after a year. This time I got a Gigabyte video card, I got a GV-NX66T256DE. Cost me a bomb, RM750 for it. They had to order it from the supplier. I wonder if anyone else in Malaysia is using this card? The speed of the card rates a little slower than my old video card on the benchmarks but thats okay. Not a massive difference. I like its silent technology. It doesn't use a fan but a passive cooling system. I just have to make sure I turn on the air-conditioning in my room when I'm using the PC.

Anyway, been without a PC sucks. A day after the PC died, I sat down in front of the TV to watch a DVD and the damn DVD player died. All I had then was my TV and my radio alarm clock for entertainment. I took the cheapo DVD player back to Giant and good thing it died a month before its warranty expired. The customer service staff said it was going to be at least a month before they fixed it. What ever... at least they get it fixed for free.

I had to do with reading books. I stumbled across at Times warehouse sale in Atria. Book me two books, Angels & Demons and Dilbert, Way of the Weasel. The Dilbert book I lug to the office to read when no one's watching and the Angels & Demon I read in front of the TV. I know it's wierd, but my chair faces the TV and when ever I put down the book, I stare at my blank TV and I think... crap, maybe I should get a new DVD player. I could just watch normal TV but its just not the same!

Anyway, I've been busy uploading pictures into my flickr site. Check out the picture bar above this site and you'll see a random selection of my pictures. Just click on it and it'll take you the main site.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

PC Down
For the past few months, I have been having problems with my PC. I bought a pretty high end MSI video card (NX6600GT-TD128E) a year ago. A few weeks back it started giving me problems. At first the visuals wouldn't display on the monitor and after a few days of fiddling around, I got it to work again.

After that, everytime I start up any games using the 3D engine, the visuals would have dots on itafter 5 minutes of playing. Restarting the PC doesn't help, I have to totally turn the thing of before starting it again. I think the GPU or the memory on the video card is shot. Serves me right for buying MSI, all the MSI video cards I got from them died after a year of use.

I checked the receipt and turns out I just had a few days left in to qualify for the 1 year warranty so I rushed my PC down to shop at Aoneplus in sect 17 and told them to have a look at it. Realized I haven't actually been to the shop in a year. There was a stack of PC's lying on the floor waiting to be repaired too. Looks like its going to be at least a month before I get my PC back.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lena's birthday

Video sent by luxen
Had steamboat party at Chui Yan's place. Was her sister's birthday also. Lena got to cut the cake with Mandy's help. How come kids love cutting cake so much? Probably likes the attention.

Yee Sang at home

Video sent by luxen
Chui Yan's family finally came over to visit my family. So happen there was Yee Sang in the house, was a pre-packed one from Overseas restaurant.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh those Japanese...
Those Japanese come up with the wierdest stuff. Found this while reading the BBC.

Japan tries to save giant radish
By Jonathan Head BBC News, Tokyo
A giant radish is making the Japanese evening news headlines after it was rushed into intensive care in an agricultural research centre.
The daikon radish, a staple ingredient in Japan, became an unlikely object of public admiration when it started growing through a pavement last year.
The resilient radish was then attacked last year by a mysterious assailant. The local town council has since been trying to re-grow the radish from its severed top.
It now hopes to extract its seeds or DNA.
The wilting leaves and shrivelled top of the radish were carefully packed in a cool box and accompanied by a throng of reporters and cameramen, driven to an agricultural research centre.
There, evening news programmes showed white-coated scientists pronouncing gravely on the radish's prognosis.
Roots of the drama
This unlikely drama started last summer in the town of Aoi, when residents noticed the radish pushing its way through the asphalt of a pavement.
Impressed by its perseverance, they named it Dokonjo Daikon, or the radish with fighting spirit.
Imagine their dismay then when one morning, they found the radish had been decapitated.
The news of its demise prompted an outpouring of sympathy across Japan, and the unknown assailant returned its severed head, from which the town council has been trying in vain to revive it.
Dokonjo daikon now even has its own dedicated website.
The Japanese public has frequently been touched by the plight of stricken animals. But commentators are at a loss to explain this wave of affection for a mere vegetable.
Inspired by the radish's fight for life, the town council now wants to extract seeds or even DNA from its remains in the hope of producing offspring of similar fortitude.
You give me fever
having a fever sucks. Last night out of the blue when I tried going to bed, I just couldn't sleep. Everytime I closed my eye, I kept getting wierd hallucinations. Its been a while since I got sick, so I didn't exactly knew what was going on. I was tossing and turning in bed with some damn hallucinations about Rome and some wierd thing that would not go together. The Rome hallunication I could understand, I've been playing this Rome: Total War computer game and just before I when to bed, I was watching this awful DVD box-set, Empire... about power struggles in Rome.

Somewhere in there I could hear Michael Buble singing "... you give me fever". Now that wasn't too good. It was already 4 AM in the morning and I was dead tired with the chills. I turned of the fan and air-conditioning but I was still cold. I when to the kitchen to look for Aspirin but I all I found was a bottle of honey. Heck, I'll try anything at that point. Squished a generous amount into a cup and mixed it water and drank it down. Tasted too sweet and made my stomach even more squishy.

Must have been the steamboat I had for dinner. Either I didn't boil the food long enough or I just over stuffed my belly.

After awhile, the fever wore of a little and by lunch time I managed to drag myself to see the clinic in my office (hey, free medication). Doctor agreed its probably food poisoning and gave me some aspirin. Was going to do some work but I just felt so weak, I didn't feel like talking to any of my colleagues. Just drove really slowly back home and popped 2 aspirins and slept for the next 5 hours.

It's almost 3 AM now and I can't sleep because I slept too much. Watched a DVD earlier, "Wedding Crashers". Was quite a feel good romantic comedy. I thought it would get my mine of the hallunications. Thing something funny and romantic instead you know? Got me thinking instead of the time I got sick in Cherating with my girlfriend. We drove to Cherating to spend a few days and while there I had food poisoning and a fever too. Was our first holiday away together and I don't know about her, but I felt it was really nice of her to take care of me while I was sick. When you're sick, you're all vulnerable and its nice to have someone take care of you.

I think I'm going to swear of steamboat and anything to do with Rome for a few weeks. Damn, those hallucinations were just so wierd. It was like one of those wierd music videos where the images just don't make sense. It was total avant garde.