Monday, September 22, 2008

all quiet after the storm

Its all quiet in the middle of the night, just the way I like it. I look around my room and its in a bigger mess than usual. Somehow or another, its growing out of control. Strangely, I feel very at home here in my mess, I miss it.

After all the hectic travelling to Kota Bharu, Bangkok and Ipoh... finally getting to sit in front of my PC in my own room is peaceful.

Its back to work in a few hours but strangely I welcome it, I think it would be a break from this long holiday I was on. Looking forward to normality.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shah Alam wedding finished

just finished the shah alam wedding. Food was surprisingly good though I didn't eat much. Spend most of the time entertaining guest.

My feet is killing me. I need a foot massage, suddenly paying almost RM1500 for a foot massager doesn't sound too bad.

Next stop Bangkok and Ipoh then life can return to the same old routine. I luuurve routines and predictabilities. No stress.

Don't I'll ever find the time to edit all the photos everyone has taken. I didn't a single on my camera tonight. Only managed to take one on my phone with my wife.

Time for bed

Monday, September 01, 2008

Kota Bharu wedding finished

Finally finished the wedding in Kota Bharu. Some highlights:

-I didn't get drunk
-danced a little
-made a speech, hope it didn't sound silly. Got applauded.
-spoke hokkien
-got stuck in a massive Merdeka midnight countdown traffic jam in town
-Gained 4KG's
-Re-edited my whole wedding slide again, wedding album software I used was buggy. Premiere Pro still the best!
-My nephew trew up into a wine glass at the wedding, gross

Probably post some pictures later when I get back to PJ. Right now I'm using a borrowed laptop. I hope the photographer gets it right. I'm sitting in my room the morning after the wedding. Lots of stress and driving.

Two more wedding dinners to go!