Monday, April 04, 2011

Anugerah Ahli Politik Paling Popular Malaysia

I watched a few minutes of the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian last night. I just managed to catch Yuna winning the Penyanyi Wanita Paling Popular. When I saw her walking up on stage, I was laughing and thinking, "hey! How did a Sith Lord get to win this award?" They should have played the Emperor's March when she when up. Anyway, it was a really cool costume. She can pull her cloak over her head and be all mysterious like Lady Gaga.

So after watching that, I got thinking maybe we should also have an Anugerah Politik Paling Popular Malaysia (Malaysian Most Popular Politics Award).
Among the categories are:
1. Most popular politician award (surprise nomination for Bung Mohktar?)
2. Most popular BN politician award (Rosmah's nomination not allowed)
3. Most popular opposition politician award
4. Most popular scandal award. (I hope something else beats the sex video nominations for this one)
5. Most popular issue award. (for anything else that is not a scandal)
6. Most popular supporting role award. This is in recognition of a person(s) who is not a politician but have played a role in a scandal or issue. First Lady Of Malaysia can be nominated here along side with  the yet to be identified lady in the video.

There should probably be a separate award for most hated politician too. So what other categories should be up there and who do you think should be nominated?