Monday, September 01, 2008

Kota Bharu wedding finished

Finally finished the wedding in Kota Bharu. Some highlights:

-I didn't get drunk
-danced a little
-made a speech, hope it didn't sound silly. Got applauded.
-spoke hokkien
-got stuck in a massive Merdeka midnight countdown traffic jam in town
-Gained 4KG's
-Re-edited my whole wedding slide again, wedding album software I used was buggy. Premiere Pro still the best!
-My nephew trew up into a wine glass at the wedding, gross

Probably post some pictures later when I get back to PJ. Right now I'm using a borrowed laptop. I hope the photographer gets it right. I'm sitting in my room the morning after the wedding. Lots of stress and driving.

Two more wedding dinners to go!

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