Sunday, February 26, 2006

back online
I'm back online again. Had to get a new video card from Aone Plus. The damn video card I had died a month after the warranty ended. I was wondering what to get and since my old one was pretty much on the high end side, I had to get something comparable or better. I settled for the same NVIDIA NX 6600GT type but this time I gave up hope with MSI. All the MSI video cards I had died after a year. This time I got a Gigabyte video card, I got a GV-NX66T256DE. Cost me a bomb, RM750 for it. They had to order it from the supplier. I wonder if anyone else in Malaysia is using this card? The speed of the card rates a little slower than my old video card on the benchmarks but thats okay. Not a massive difference. I like its silent technology. It doesn't use a fan but a passive cooling system. I just have to make sure I turn on the air-conditioning in my room when I'm using the PC.

Anyway, been without a PC sucks. A day after the PC died, I sat down in front of the TV to watch a DVD and the damn DVD player died. All I had then was my TV and my radio alarm clock for entertainment. I took the cheapo DVD player back to Giant and good thing it died a month before its warranty expired. The customer service staff said it was going to be at least a month before they fixed it. What ever... at least they get it fixed for free.

I had to do with reading books. I stumbled across at Times warehouse sale in Atria. Book me two books, Angels & Demons and Dilbert, Way of the Weasel. The Dilbert book I lug to the office to read when no one's watching and the Angels & Demon I read in front of the TV. I know it's wierd, but my chair faces the TV and when ever I put down the book, I stare at my blank TV and I think... crap, maybe I should get a new DVD player. I could just watch normal TV but its just not the same!

Anyway, I've been busy uploading pictures into my flickr site. Check out the picture bar above this site and you'll see a random selection of my pictures. Just click on it and it'll take you the main site.

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Ivan said...

You bought quite a outdated graphics card... Latest edition so far is the GeForce 8800 GTX. Check out, for product and price...

Happy CNY!