Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No Internet
This sucks. I for one am not a supertitious kind of guy, but lately, things haven't been going my way. A few days ago, I was using my internet right after I got my video card fixed and the internet died in the middle of the night. I picked up the phone and there was a lot of static coming thru the receiver. So now I had a PC that works and no internet... what the hell. I started up an old game of Rome Total War and man I must have been at it for hours because after that I had a major stiff neck.

The next day, I ate this fried noodles the caterer was serving at the office and man, that was a bad decision. I had a major case of diarrhoea. I spend a sleepless night sitting in my toilet. The next day I woke up with a sore troat and a cough. Its been about a week now since I had this sore troat and cough.

At least I finally got the internet working. Telekom came to change a cable in the phone line outside the house.

I got my stiff necked fixed yesterday. I when to visit Oriental Medicine in Paramount. It's half a shop and the guy there, Eric is a Chinese Chiropractor. He fixed my neck with a few cracks and put this evil smelling patch on my back. Told me I couldn't shower for the day and gave me a long list of things I couldn't eat. So I asked the dude what I could eat, turns out he suggested pork. Heh, but no Bah Kut Teh. Ended up eating plain porridge for dinner. This reminds me, my back still smells like that patch... gross.

Another thing that broke down the past few days was my car radio. I was driving to work listening to it and it suddenly the front panel popped out half way. I didn't even touch it and it just popped out. I tried pressing it back in and it didn't work. Tried pressing the eject button and it wouldn't come out fully either. So in the end after a small amount of pressure I finally got it out. Turns out the two small plastic catch that holds it together decided to break on its own after I bought it. Piece of crap. Good thing I still have a one year warranty. I jammed a piece of paper into it to keep the front panel stuck to radio so I can still use it for the mean time.

My girlfriend things this is all because I didn't wanted to pray for luck at a temple she when too. I personally don't believe in all that. I'm all for science and logic. By the way, I believe in evolution and none of that Intelligent Design crap. Darwin got it right. I tried explaining how man decended from Homo Erectus by my Muslim friends wouldn't have any of that. I'm in the middle of reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. Its basically about the battle between this occult made up of scientist fighting against organized religion, mainly the Catholic Church. Personally, I'm rooting for the bad guys (go science!).

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