Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Building our nest

I when to Ikea during lunch today. I wanted to look at furniture for my apartment. I know, a lot of people say Ikea's furniture are over priced and the quality isn't that good. However, I like their simplicity in their design. I like their philosophy, design from the price up... kind of like what Proton is doing now.

They didn't have anymore printed catalogs... but that's okay, I had already downloaded one from their website. I didn't print it out though, too many pages.

I remember in the movie fight club, Edward Norton's character had an apartment full of Ikea furniture. It looked so cool... his perfect nest, that is until he blew it up. Yes, it was a movie with a message against consumerism but I like some aspects of it. It makes me feels... comfortable. My safe haven.

I admit it, Ikea makes me feel safe. I want to come home to my Ikea furniture! I want to live in an Ikea showroom.

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