Saturday, March 22, 2008

low profile

As I said before, the daily hits for this blog hovers between 23-25. I wonder who are these people who religiously visit it everyday. Could it be Google randomly archiving my blog? I wonder if it's actual people who out of habit see if post anything up.

I've already got two visitors from the African continent (hopefully they don't need my help getting money out of the country). One from Iceland. None from Madagascar yet. I wonder if the Antarctic or North Pole has an unique country Internet address.

I noticed when I post about politics, the number of visitors to this blog shoots up. I don't write about work too much... although that might be of interest to people. I think this blog isn't an easy read either. There are spelling and grammatical errors that I don't bother to correct also (just plain lazy on my part).

I was thinking of starting another blog just about video editing, but then I realize there others out there who are definitely better than me. Plus some of the softwares I use are trial versions so they're not exactly legit. Better not say more on that!

Maybe a blog a video blog. Hrmm, that would be more fun. A video blog about Petaling Jaya. Interesting places in Petaling Jaya... what do you think?

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