Thursday, March 06, 2008

election heating up

I spend most of the day at home rendering a wedding video I was editing. Sure took longer than I expected. This Premiere Pro CS3 is a lot more memory hungry than the old CS2. It kept running out of memory half way through rendering. Took many retries. In the end, I had to export all the project back into CS2.


I did manage to catch the tail end of Tony Pua's ceramah at SS4D. By then it was almost 11:30PM already. His permit ends at midnight. I met up with a friend there to pass him his wedding DVD. I hope it's okay, in my rush I forgot to QC it.

Tony is always smiling. He's very approachable, which is great qualities for a representative of the people. For all the points he had brought up, I wonder how much change he can bring about. I want what he wants but I wonder if other people want the same things as well. I'll find out on March 9, after the elections.


Anyway, I think all these talks candidates give at their rallies is good training ground for parliment. The reason I say that is because of the quality of candidates I've seen so far in parliment and the quality of their debates. Most of the debates degenerate into a shouting match between Lim Kit Siang and the BN guys.


I need a representative with a brain who can talk tirelessly. He/She must also be thick skinned and not be afraid to get into a shouting match with the hooligans in parliment. They also need to have integrity and listen to the people.


I'm wondering when and where is the Chew Mei Fun rally. I tried looking it up in her website, it wasn't updated at all. What a waste of time. I vote for her the last time. She's a nice lady, I give her that. However, she hasn't spoken out on a lot of things I'm concerned about. I would love to hear one of her ceramah's and see what she has to say this time around.


She's getting a lot of press coverage lately, especially in The Star. I doubt it's because of the proximity of her constituency to The Star's HQ. I think MCA know's her seat is treatened by a lot of angry urban voters. I've always believed that urban voters, especially Chinese urban voters are fluid. While they may smile and get help from the BN rep to fix infrastructure issues, they secretly yearn for what the justice DAP wants.


Issues that I'm personally worried about is the transparency of MBPJ's accounts. All the billboard's springing up around PJ is already an eyesore. I want to know what the heck happened to the money that was paid to their sports club. MBPJ wants residents to pay more assessment... I look around my area and don't see much improvement. The road still sucks with all the potholes since... shit, since 1999!


Other issues I'm also worried about is crime in my neighbourhood. Some idiot broke into my car. That got me so pissed I was contemplating putting and elaborate booby traps to catch the thief if he ever tried to break into my car again. My only concern then was how to dispose of the body.


While I know who are the candidates running for the parliment seats in my place, I still know very little about the candidates running for the state seat in my area, Kampung Tunku. The BN candidate came around earlier and my mother complained about the drain to him. When it rains, there is heavy water flow causing an erosion down stream. I pity my neighbour as his house has to bear the brunt of the water rush downstream of the drain.


I like the MCA slogan for this election, it says "Working quietly, Effectively, For Results". My favourite is the first part, 'working quietly'. It's a subtle argument against those who say MCA don't stand up against UMNO. The BN culture is focused mostly on closed door discussions. What worries me about this closed door discussion culture is that I don't know if MCA is very good at bargaining for things. I still feel I'm getting the short end of the stick here. If I, a Chinese feels that way... imagine how the Indians feel.




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