Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Politician superstar

I was driving back one night at 11PM and I decided to stop over at the Wai Sek Kai in SS2 to grab a bite. It was a pasar malam nite so I was hoping the crowd would have died down by then plus the rain just ended.


When I started circling the place I was surprised to see there were still a lot of cars around. I finally got lucky and found a parking next to the police station. As I walked towards the Wai Sek Kai I could hear someone speaking over the loud speakers. I totally forgot there was a DAP ceramah there and Fong Poh Kuan was already in the middle of her speech.


She was there to support Tony Pua, the DAP candidate for PJ Utara. I stood there in the large crowd of about 400-600 people listening to them speak. I think the crowd would have been much larger earlier but it was already quite late.


Poh Kuan's voice was hoarse, probably from her speaking engagements. She seemed to revel in the Bocor issue. The crowd ate up everything she had to say. When it came to Tony's turn to speak again all the crowd shouted in agreement to what he had to say.


When the donation box came around, I saw the trader behind be grab 2 handful of 1 ringgit notes and jam it into the box. I think it was all his loose change for the night. I saw another guy open his wallet and looked through, all he had was 50 notes. He closed his wallet back and didn't give anything.


The crowd spoke mostly English among themselves. They understood the issues that Tony brought up. I think the PJ crowd is quite urban and understands national issues better. It helps that they also have easy internet access to the alternative news sources.


At least I didn't hear any character assassination of his opponent, Chew Mei Fun. He did make attacks on her answers giving in a recent Malaysiakini interview. In the interview, they were both asked if they would support the abolishment of the NEP. His opponent said she thought it was already abolished. The crowd booed.


Their permit to speak was only up to midnight so as the crowd dispersed, I when to have my supper. After awhile, I walked back out again and there were still people taking photographs with Tony. The guy was like a superstar.



check out the donation boxes. They were almost full. I wonder what they're going to do with all the money.


Oh yeah, if you're curious, one of my 50 note is in there. Tony is a smart dude and his campaign deserves my 50 bucks.




East-West said...

I was there too and Tony Pua certainly got my RM50 as well!! A well-spoken, articulate and intelligent candidate - what more can PJU want for an MP!

Anonymous said...

DAP managed to collect RM35,000 of donation on that particular night in SS2.
The crowds that turned up to the talk might not translated into votes but I believe the donation tells he is getting prompt support from PJU.
He and team deserve to win.


luxen said...

Petaling Jaya is one of the most developed cities in Malaysia. While BN may tell the rest of the rural folks that BN can bring development, PJ needs the opposite... less development, just more maintainance.

It's up the urban folks to put up the brave front and put an opposition candidate into parliment. We may not see as much funding if DAP wins but it's a sacrifice we have to make for the nation.