Saturday, March 08, 2008

I Voted

I woke up at 9AM and looked out the window, it was cloudy. By then my mother had already voted. The voting centre was at the Sri Aman Girl School, but I decided to drive anyway as it looks as if it might rain.

Just after driving a 100 metres, I saw the long lines of cars parked on both sides of the road so I parked too. So much for driving. There was already a lot of people walking in and out of the school.

As it was my second time voting, I sort of knew the routine already. I walked to the school canteen to get last minute verification of my voting station, which was the last one at 17. It's been a long time since I walked into this school. As I walked up the stairs to my voting centre, I wondered how the old and handicap are going to go up the stairs. There was so many other classrooms at the bottom that they could have used. On the news earlier, the SPR officer related the story of an 'orang tua' who was upstairs complaining of having to climb the stairs. After checking the second time again on the voting station, turns out it was downstairs... duh.

There was already a long line outside 17. There was no line outside the other stations... wierd looks like everyone from number 17 came out at the same time to vote. A Malay man with long hair with a BN shirt with button badges on it soon walked up to join the line. The policeman saw him and told him to take of all his button badges. Soon, a senior officer who was walking around saw him and told him to take of his shirt and turn it inside out. I could see that the Senior officer was smiling in disbelief to himself.

When I got into the station, I finally got my voting slip. The SPR officer reading out my name couldn't pronounce it properly as she read it out loud. I was going to correct her but since she got my number in the list right, I didn't want to create a fuss. As I was standing at the voting booth staring at the two slips, it only took a second for me to put my X down. My mind had already been made up.

My brother who had come later was a few places behind me in the line. I got him to pick me up from the mechanic after voting as I had send my car for servicing. I hope this would be the last time I spend anymore money on this car before I get my new one.

As I was taking a nap earlier, I had the strangest dream. I dreamed it was 8PM already and I was late for a party I will be attending later today. I jumped out of bed and I realized it was only 1PM... phew. Goodness.

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