Thursday, March 20, 2008

bloggers classification

It's 9 in the morning, I had I wake up really early at 6AM to send my brother and sister-in-law to KL Sentral. They were going for a holiday in Bali. I tried going back to bed but someone kept waking me up.

I ended up sitting in front of the PC surfing the net. I've been looking through Dell's website looking at their notebooks. Ever since my company made the big announcement about my bonus, everyone's been counting how they would spend their money. Mine is going into my apartment renovation... if I have a bit left, it's for a laptop.

I also ended up reading other people's blog. From just a quick observation (and mind you my brain isn't working at full capacity here) I think Malaysian bloggersphere can be divided into a few spheres:

Lifestyle bloggers
This are the young teens. Nuffnang, the online advertiser which advertises in Malaysian blogs recently organized a Pajamas party. I didn't attend but from the pictures in other peoples blog, it looks like they were in the age of 18-30. This are the young crowd with high disposable incomes. The type of crowd advertisers want to attract.

So what do they write about? For the females, some are 'bimbo bloggers'... camwhores who are fashion police. Their blogs revolve around their personal daily dramas.

There are also those who maintain a blog without advertising it, like me. It's more of a diary blog. Low page visits and they like it that way.

Mommy Bloggers
There's a huge group of mothers out there who blog about their kids and motherhood. Some are in the midst of pregnancy. From what I've seen, some are housewifes and earn money from paid posts. The perfect work at home solution? Getting to write about your kids and making money from it.

Now this are the bloggers who get the most attention from the mainstream media. Political activist are those who blog about scandals; being critical of the press; and just bitching about the government. One of them even when on to be a member of Parliament. Interesting isn't it? Some of them have turned into 'civilian journalists'. They don't write for the mainstream press and a lot of them are not trained journalists, however they do report on a lot of things. Their investigative reporting sometimes would put to shame the stuff the local press turns out. However, their credibility is questionable as some of their sources are not verified... that being said, the credibility of the mainstream press is also questionable after their biased reporting in the previously concluded 12th general election.

This group I find less, but their blog is about their hobby or something they're passionate about. The most I've seen are photographers. People love looking at their photos. I also lump those who write about food reviews into this sphere. Trying new food after all, is a hobby isn't it?

Okay, I'll try to go back to bed again but the kids are crying outside. Very hard to sleep.

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