Friday, March 14, 2008

Normalcy In Uncertainty

Today I totally forgot I signed up to go watch a documentary at Le Meridien Hotel. My manager asked if I was interested in watching a CNN documentary about life in Iraq. Didn't sound too tempting until I heard it was at Le Meridien... mmm, in my mind I could picture their scrumptious finger food already. So I quickly put my name down.

I got to work a little late today and just as I was going to sit my ass down at my chair, I realized I was late as their was a company van waiting for us at the lobby. I rushed down only to find that there wasn't anyone else there. Turns out everyone had gone on their own. It was only me and another colleague in the van.

When I got to the hotel, I was impressed it was done in one of their nicer function rooms. The breakfast was good, I met some friends from the other stations. After I was done with the breakfast, we were led into the viewing room. I must say, Le Meridien does small private functions very well! Everything was so primp and proper.

So the documentary started, I didn't even read the synopsis as I wanted to be surprised. It turns out to be quite a grim and touching piece. The documentary was called "Through Their Eyes". It was shot by Arwa Damon, the CNN correspondent in Baghdad. She interviewed 6 women there on what was life like for them. The most touching one I think was the women on death row.

I don't have ASTRO so I haven't been watching CNN a lot, I did know they did short documentaries but I never knew about their quality. Turns out, this documentary was very good. The whole event was hosted by CNN and sponsored by Le Meridien. They had invited broadcast journalists from Malaysia to watch the documentary. Strange how CNN has a private screening just for broadcast journalist. I'm not complaining, free food and I got to watch a documentary on a slow Friday morning.

At the end of the documentary we had a Q&A session with Arwa. She's a half Syrian half caucasian women who speaks Arab. Her speaking Arab, made her job easier as the people identified with her.

I asked her what would happen if the Americans left Iraq now, she said right now its the Americans who are maintaining the peace... if they left right now, it would just get worst. I agree with her, what is done is done, the Americans shouldn't have invaded in the first place but now that they are there, they have to fix it. Leaving now would just make it worst.

I can't imagine living with shootings and bombings around me everyday. For her, she sleeps soundly every night. I reflect now on our current political situation and I think, life isn't so bad after all.

She's a small women but from the few minutes I spend talking to her she seems to be a really touch character.

Of all days, I totally forgot to bring my digital camera. I had to do with the small camera in my phone.

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