Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Iphone wish

I want an Iphone! I want an Iphone!

I had nothing much to do today so I when over to Midvalley. I was going to stop over at the Dell showroom to check out their laptops again but I got sidetracked. I stopped over at this PDA shop I had seen before. Previously, I was looking at an O2 Atom Exec. I asked them what PDA did they have that would allow me to surf the internet and use youtube and facebook. The guy took out from the bottom of the counter an Iphone. It was the 8GB model going for RM1999.

They had brought it in from the US and unlocked the software. They didn't provide any warranty for it except software support. Quite risky buying one, but then again the normal warranty only covers manufacturer defects. If you drop or break it, Apple won't cover it under warranty anyway.

I was so going to flip out my credit card and buy it on the spot. It took a lot of will power to pull myself away from the Iphone and walk away. The salesman was very dissapointed I think.

Next, I drove over the Digital mall in section 14 to buy some stuff. I saw someone also advertising the Iphone for sale. The 8GB model was RM2000 while the 16GB model was RM2400. This guy provided a one month warranty. Plus, their phones have the new january Iphone software updates.

It's either between a Dell notebook for RM3810 or an Iphone for RM2000. The notebook, can play games, edit videos, and surf the net. Iphone, I can just put it in my pocket and surf anywhere with WiFi. That includes my office and One Utama. Argggh... I can't decide!

Either way, I'm getting either one of these on my birthday.

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