Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trawling the internet

I have a hobby. It's like fishing but I do it at home with my PC. It's downloading stuff of the internet. Back then, the big thing was to trawl peer-to-peer networks with Limewire searching for multimedia stuff. Its either songs, pictures or movies. The harder to get, the bigger the challenge.

I hardly use Limewire much these days. If I do, its mostly to find music files. The new thing now is downloading stuff of websites like rapidshare. It's a file sharing website where they host files. There are other famous sites such as Mega Upload but they have a limit for countries outside the US. I'm still trying to find an effective way to bypass the limit.

I go through internet forums and websites looking for people who post links for the files that have been uploaded into Rapidshare. Finding a working link is like getting a bite on your fishing line. When you finally download all the files and unzip them, it's like landing the big fish. I just like the challenge of finding stuff online.

If the information is online, I'll find it. I love weaving through google and wikipedia for research materials for work. Right now I'm writing a program proposal for a client. I love learning new things online, especially when my boss challenges me to come up with something new. I like reading about things I totally didn't know about... things that make me go 'aaah, I didn't know that!'.

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