Monday, March 03, 2008

For the pass few days, while I was staying in Kuantan, I stopped watching TV3 news. The TV in the hotel room I was staying in didn't have TV3 programmed in. I was too lazy to call the hotel maintainance to fix it. I ended up instead watching the news on RTM 2 and NTV7.

The propaganda and biased news are coming in hard and fast now. They don't even bother disguising it as fair news anymore. It's all out opposition bashing on RTM. On the Media Prima networks, BN must have paid a lot of money to run their TV commercials. They're attacking all the issues head on. There's specific TVC's to address the chinese voters; the east coast malay voters; the young voters; and even the Indian voters. This is the most massive and complex BN TV campaign I've ever seen in history. I can't even imagine the budget that has gone into making this work.

All the opposition has on the other hand is youtube and supporter created clips. BN has the creative might of professional copywriters; production houses; and... money.

While the press here may claim they are fair and just, taking a closer look you can tell that it's not the case. Newspaper coverage are more inclined to report BN leader's quotes. If there are any reports on what the opposition says, it's usually at the bottom of a paragraph without the opposition leader's picture. More and more people are turning to the alternative media to search for what the opposition is saying... I think this has lead to a lot of misiformation and more biases out there. Bloggers out there are not professional journalist, most of them do not understand journalism ethics or report accurately. All this has made searching for a balanced picture even harder for everyone.

All I can say is trust no one. You make your own judgements now. Undi anda adalah rahsia.

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