Monday, March 24, 2008

I got my bonus last week. My company did a big announcement at One World Hotel in the ballroom, we even had T-Shirts that said "thank you".

So what have I done with the money? Nothing so far. I just took my family out to dinner so far. I'm saving the rest of it for the major expenses like my apartment's renovation and furniture. I also have to put money aside my for new car... yeah, I ordered a new car. In fact, the salesman just called me to ask me to prepare the loan documents.

I spend the weekend also looking at notebooks and PDA's. I've been thinking for a long time about getting a notebook. I have my eye on a Dell XPS. If if pimp it out, it's almost RM5400 bucks. damn, that's a lot of money to put down for a laptop. I'm thinking if I pimp it out... I won't need a desktop anymore. Plus I can use it for mobile editing.

I also like the idea of getting a PDA as I can carry it anywhere with me to surf the internet. I like the idea of looking up youtube or facebook as I'm sitting in a mall waiting for Chui Yan. So far I like the O2 Atom Exec. It's on sale now for RM1009 with a 2GB memory card. It doesn't have 3G but it has WiFi so I can surf for free in One Utama. However, people tell me the Atom is highly unstable because of its windows mobile 5.0 OS. Shit, that sucks... having your PDA shut down half way. I'm also considering a PDA that actually has a numeral keypad to make typing easier.

If I do get a PDA, then I might end up carrying 3 gadgets already... mobile phone, digital camera and PDA. Yes, the PDA is also a mobile phone but I find that most people don't like using the PDA as their mobile phone as dialing it is quite hard.

Anyway... I'm not buying the PDA or notebook for now until I settle my apartment and the wedding first. I forsee a lot of hidden cost out there.

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