Sunday, October 14, 2007

Running on Vista

I have two Windows OS on my PC, Vista and Windows XP Professional. I have it both running on seperate hard disk so I can choose which one I want booted up from the BIOS menu. I haven't been using the Vista for 3-4 months now. I've been using the XP for work in the past few months. I just loaded Vista a few hours ago. I downloaded this wierd file through limewire and it was corrupted. I couldn't delete it. I had to start up Vista hoping that Vista could read the file and delete it. I'm glad it worked.

It's wierd having two OS on my PC. Even though Vista is the newer OS, I haven't touch it in months. It feels a little dated since all the newest changes I've made in XP are not in this OS. New bookmarks are missing. All the data files like my mp3's are still there. Not sure if I like staying in this Vista. I think I'm going back to XP... this Vista is just too alien.

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