Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm waiting for my mechanic to call me to tell if my car is ready. Since I'm waiting I thought I'll write about this.

I go to the same mechanic in Paramount and occasionally they send me home if the wait is too long. The chick who runs the admin at mechanic is a cute chick. So when she drove up in a little red Kenari to send me home, I didn't think much until I stepped into the car.

interior of a a Hello Kitty Kenari
OH MY GOD... I asked her who's car was this since I knew she drove a cool Toyota SEG. She said it was someone's else car. I asked her if it was a female college student. She said no, it was actually a guy's car. I almost bursted out laughing. I remembered the guy who drove up in the car to the mechanic now. A skinny Chinese dude with long hair reaching almost to his eyes.

interior of a a Hello Kitty Kenari
My mechanic said she was actually scarred to drive the car... what if the cops pulled her over? The bend near my house is notorious for police road blocks. She asked me if there was a police road block when I came down the same way and I said no.

Check out the pink faux fur in the car! I didn't even dare touch it. She said it actually cost RM2,000 to do up the car like that! Crazy! Is that going to like raise up the value of the car? I would have imagined a teeny booper college student going all crazy with the car... but a dude? Oh man... I hope he has a good story to tell if anyone ask him.

interior of a a Hello Kitty Kenari
Oh man... look at the LV logo padding. Mr Vitton would be shocked.

interior of a a Hello Kitty Kenari

What animal died to make that fur? Scary... I was sitting in the car and I just had to flip out my camera and started taking pictures. My mechanic was slightly amused. It was more amusing since my mechanic was driving the car... she reminds me more of like those hot chicks who drift cars in The Fast and Furious movies. This car is so not her type.

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Anonymous said...

That is the most awesomest car evore. Kids in Kyoto have cars like that all over the place.