Friday, October 19, 2007

Just some Hari Raya mood photos

I took some pictures on WHI just before and after Raya. Check out the set, it's got all these cheesy Raya props. The plastic ketupat and Christmas bling bling lights.

Wanita Hari Ini
Adibah Noor was on the show 3 times, including today! She's popular and an easily likeable person. Farah Fauzana, Wahid and Lan Pet Pet was also there on the same show promoting some Raya program. Lan and Wahid are quite subdued when not on air. They're uncontrolable when on air. We just 'release' them and they do their thing. In the picture, Wardina (in blue) is actually talking to Lan who's hiding behind the sofa.

Wardina, Lan Pet Pet, Azean
Wardina, Lan and heavily pregnant Azean. I think this was on Hari Raya eve.

me and wardina and azizah
This one I took today. One of the last few show's I'll be producing for WHI. Wardina and Azizah were the host for the day. Both still have some of their makeup on but their changed out of their sponsored Raya wardrobe already.

me and wardina and azizah
Wardina brought us flowers from Cameron. Look at Azizah laughing gleefully like a school girl. Azean took this photo for us.

Me and Wardina
Wardina smirking. She warned me not to photoshop this into a Playboy picture... now where would she get an idea like that? I think she looks older than me.

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