Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I just finished editing the last episode of Winners. I still have VO and audio mixing to do tomorrow... but the hard part is basically over. It was really stressful doing this. The last time I did something as stressful as this was when I did Ringgit Sense on my own.

This was made more stressful as I am also currently doing WHI at the same time. In fact, I had to produce WHI yesterday and today!

This are last few WHI episodes I'll be producing. I have one last episode to go. My swan song. I thought I was going to do something really crazy but I just don't have the mental strength anymore. Who knows... I just might pull something out of my ass in the last minute.

Took sometime of to read the news. I was quite shocked when I found out that a kid got killed by another kid in my old school in Bagan Serai. I read this in The Star today:

Tuesday October 23, 2007
MYT 6:02:35 PM

Boy remanded over schoolmate's death

BAGAN SERAI: Police have obtained a seven-day remand order to detain a 14-year-old student of SMK Bagan Serai to help investigation over the killing of a 13-year-old schoolmate.

Kerian OCPD Supt Mat Fauzi Nayan said the boy was brought to the Parit Buntar magistrate's court Monday for remand until Oct 29.

He is held to help investigation into the murder of Remove Class student Loh Wei Kuan.

Loh was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Bagan Serai health clinic about 500m away from the school on Monday afternoon.

A short scuffle over a stolen pen was said to have broken out between the two boys at a corridor of a classroom block.

Supt Mat Fauzi said the suspect was picked up at his home in Kampung Keramat here on Monday.

The case has been classified as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

Supt Mat Fauzi said the police were in the process of completing their investigations to be forwarded to the Public Prosecutor's office for further instructions.

"Our investigation shows that this was an isolated case and not related to any other illegal activities. The matter has been solved with the suspect's arrest," he said.

He declined to reveal the findings of the victim's post-mortem report.

To think that I used to go to this school. I've seen kids fight and blood was even shed. BLoodied noses and cuts... but nobody got killed! In my other secondary school in Petaling Jaya, the boys used to fight over the silliest thing. Some of my classmates would gather at playgrounds or shopping centres with weapons and 'negotiate' with the other guys from other schools. It was like a party.

I've never been to any of this fights. I've seen fights in the school but again... nobody got killed! How terrible is that to die over such a petty thing as a missing pen.

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