Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lego Tower

When I was young, I used to have a lego crate my mother bought for me from a garage sale. I used to make ships and houses out of it. I used to play jaws with the ship. In the Steven Spielberg movie Jaws, the little ship slowly sank after it got attacked by a large great while shark. I thought that was cool. I had some action figures on the lego ship and it will slowly break apart and everyone gets eaten by a shark. Yeah, I'm morbid.

Today I when to Toys R Us. It's Mandy's favourite store in One Utama. My favourite store is Home Fix and MPH.

While I was waiting for Mandy, I sat down at the Lego table they had for kids and started building with the blocks. I almost forgot how fun it was to build something with Lego blocks. At first, I wanted to build a hollow pyramid then I decided I'll go for a large tower instead.

Lego monument I made at Toys R Us

Lego monument I made at Toys R Us

Those round chairs are uncomfortable to sit on. I think they're designed that way so that adults can't sit on it. Hah, didn't stop me from playing with the Lego. It would be cool if I had more Lego pieces. Then I would have actually made the tower about a metre tall. I want the next kid to come by to be awed by the architectural design of my tower. I wanted it to say "look at my awsome tower, see if you can beat that!"

heh... yes, I'm still a kid at heart.

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