Friday, October 26, 2007

I just woke up from a nap. Nothing like feeling a little bit refreshed after a nap. The one thing that bugs me when I'm taking a nap is having my phone ring or getting SMS'es. I have two states of mind, awake and half-asleep. It's like two seperate personalities. The half-asleep mind only wants to go back to the calming Delta-Waves of sleep. That's when I ignore all phone calls and shut of the alarm clock and go back to sleep. When I'm awake in Alpha wave mode I regret having not answered the call earlier or going to work late.

Today at work wasn't as shocking as yesterday. Today, all I had to do was record Mano's last voice-over for this Winners. So that was easy. I thought I could do the audio dubbing but turns out there was an electrical failure and the airconditioner in the AVID suites was out. So I when back home to try and finish it there. I don't like to do audio mixing at home, mainly because the audio levels are different when I transfer it to the deck.

Yesterday was a day full of surprises. A lot of people got their transfer letters. There was a major reshuffle in the production teams for a 3 programs. It came as a shock to most of them. Some were glad, some were sad. In the morning, I came to work and a few of them was telling me they got their transfer letters. I was quite nonchalant about it all. I knew I was already moving on from WHI to the documentary department. It was a transfer I had asked for.

While talking to them in the studio, I suddenly realized I didn't get a letter. So I ran up to my desk and there it was on my table... a messily stapled memo with my transfer assignment printed on it. I'm kind of having doubts about going now after getting a short briefing of what I'm expected to do in the new program. I think I might have bitten of more than I can chew. However, it's a new challenge and I'll take it on.

At first I had the impression my role was going to be quite small, just some editing and I'll be done in two months time. Now my role has included directing (I've never directed actors before), animation with After Effects and a lot travelling all over Peninsular Malaysia. The worst part is, the time schedule extends all the way up to July. There goes my plan of getting married in March.

Like I've said before, I'll miss getting the chance to do social-engineering. The opportunity to make a change. I miss that power.

A few days ago I was signing my promotion conformation letter and I was just having a verbal diarrhoea complaining about not having enough changes. Surpringly, everything that I was complaining about from the lack of changes to even the suggestions I've made came true with the transfer letters. I wonder if the management was already in the process of doing that or what I've said actually did have an effect.

I was telling my manager we can't just keep growing the same crop everytime, it's time to do crop rotation. True enough a few weeks later, all the crops were rotated. I hope there would be new and improved ways of doing things.

I'm glad some of my other colleagues were given more responsibilities. It's not really a promotion but a trial promotion. My company has a habit of doing that. I was doing a producer's job for a year before I actually got promoted to a producer. Same goes for a lot of Production Assistants who are doing the job of reporters but are still production assistants. I figure if the person sucks at the job, they just kicked back to their previous responsibility without having to officially demote the person. No industrial court to go too.

Looks like I finally get to learn Affer Effects. It's been something I've always wanted to do. I'm excited, nervous and apprehensive about the future. It's that nervous tingling feeling of coming changes.

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