Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I watched Jackass 2. Man, the only way I can describe it is 'depraved' and 'degenerate'. The grosses part was when Steve O put a leech to his eyeball. That was scarrier than any horror movie I've seen. It was scarry because it was real, it wasn't special effects. These guys really love punishing themselves.

I was admiring the cameras they were using. Looks like they were using Panasonic's DVX102B. They have some pretty cool microphones. I wonder where I can get their same boom mics.

I have a cheap RM90 one I bought from Jalan Pasar. It's this china brand shotgun mic. It's a little too long to fit on my camera. It actually gets in the shot if it's extended too far out. Cumbersome.

I'm amazed that these guys actually shot in MiniDV and managed to transfer this movie to film format for widescreen cinemas. Not sure what it looks like in the cinema since I watched it on DVD. You could tell it was shot on a Panasonic MiniDV by the bright radiant colours. Film has a different gamma range.

The guy Chris Pontius aka party boy is cool. He's got a deep voice but man, the guy is just as depraved as the rest of the bunch. I think the first movie was funnier than this one. In the first movie, they shitted in a demo toilet set in a hardware shop. Now that's funny.

Watching this movie and I think "shit, like that also can make movie... I also can do better".

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