Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Panasonic AG-DVC32

Panasonic DVC32 MiniDV Video Camera, originally uploaded by luxen.

Going to work in awhile. Stayed up the whole night editing... actually more like procrastinating and did a hack job editing in the last minute. Now I can't go back to bed because I have to go back to work.

I was just admiring my camera. Even though I had it for a year now, I still like holding it in my hand and admiring it.

Its got a really easy to remember serial number... 1. It's the first camera of it's batch! My camera is actually the demo model Panasonic uses to demonstrate to corporate customers. They were phasing out the model and someone who knew the Panasonic manager asked on my behalf if they were selling it. I got it including the XLR connector for RM7900.

Most people wouldn't have seen this little Panasonic MiniDV. Even the people at the Bintang Maju shop in Maju Junction have never seen this camera even though they are Panasonic dealers. There's another Sony the same size as this but I think mine is better (yes, I'm biased!).

It's light, small and has excellent pictures. Almost the same as the 102B camera by Panasonic.

The camera's missing a screw on the top now, I replaced it with a 20 cent screw. Other than that, I religously clean it. I can't stand spots on the lens.

My camera is the PAL version, the NTSC version is called AG-DVC30. Looks exactly the same, just that it's in PAL. It's unique feature is it's nightshot. I don't think any other Panasonic pro cameras have this. I haven't really had a chance to use it on any shoots yet. However, I do play around with it and it looks great. Instead of the Sony 'green' night shot, this one is grey. It has infrared lights on the bottom that turn on to light up what you're shooting.

The only thing that really bugs me now is the shoulder strap. Originally I had it tied to the back of the camera. Then I changed the position to the top of the camera. Now it always hangs down in front of the lens and gets in the shot. Hate it when that happens.

I think me and the camera are going to have a lot of fun!


aaaaraaaan! said...

this is the first review i saw of this cam. thankyou !! :)

Sijin Thiruvalla said...

I love panasonic