Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I just thought I'll write a little before I hit the sack. My niece started crying in the middle of the night. She trew up and everyone woke up trying to calm her down.

I was holding up the Barney I gave her and it felt a little damp. I looked down and there was puke stains on it. Damn. Good thing it wipes of easily.

While looking at her for some strange reason I started thinking about love at first sight. It's wierd. I used to think it could happen but I guess now I have a different theory on it. I think it's more like attraction on first sight. Look at the animal kingdom, males have to attract their females through brightly coloured feathers, frogs have to croak and fight each other. For the human species, it's mostly the females who have to do the attraction. Males are attracted to larger breast and wider hips as its a sign of fertility. I guess through natural selection, males who have mated with females with larger breast were more successful in breeding than males who preferred less attractive women.

Yes, natural selection defined for us what is beauty. That's what I believe in. So what does that have to do with attraction at first sight? I believe we're attracted to people by what ever our genes or previous experiences tell us is attractive. We don't fall in love with the person right away. I believe love is something that grows over time. It has to be nurtured. You don't fall in love with someone instantly. Sure it helps to be attracted to the person... but that physically attractive model could also be a real pain in the ass in real life... while that plain looking friend of yours could be the love of your life.

I've already found the love of my life so that gives me a little authority to speak from experience. Love grows... and it has to be nurtured. It can as easily falter and wither away as it has bloomed.

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