Saturday, October 06, 2007

Don't drive in KL for the next few days until Hari Raya is over. That's the lesson I learned today. I woke up at 11AM and remembered I had to pick up my standby light I had send for repairs in Ampang. I called the shop and the guy said he closed at 1:30PM. I thought it was a lot of time... little did I know, it was going to take me an hour and a half just to get there!

I took the federal highway and the traffic was pretty clear until I got to KL. It was just a slow crawl all the way. I managed to get onto the Ampang elevated highway and it was a smooth drive on it. The RM1.50 toll to drive on it was worth it. My airconditioning stopped working so I winded down the window, luckily I was driving at a nice cruising speed so there was a breeze.

At Jalan Ampang, it was back into a slow crawling jam again. I finally made it to the shop. It was in Pekan Ampang... a really old part of KL. Some of the shops are pre-WW2 shops. One of the shop had the year on it, 1917 (can't remember the exact date now). This isn't the first time I when to the shop actually. The first time I when there, the guy was closed, so I had to make a second trip.

While I was making small talk with the owner, Vincent, he told me actually I could have just picked it up from his dealer in SS2. Damn! Now he tells me! I was standing outside his shop contemplating whether I should drive back through the jam again or find somewhere to have lunch in the area. I decided the jam isn't going to get any better plus it looked like it was going rain. I didn't want to get stuck in one of those infamous KL floods.

Finally made my way back to KL by 2PM. I turned into Jaya supermarket to have lunch. The place was packed with cars so I turned into the houses in the back to find parking instead. I brought my umbrella along and started walking to Jaya. If I drive alone, I don't mind parking further away. If I'm with other people, they always complain about how far away I park from the elevator or the escalator. Me, I'm just glad I found parking.

I had lunch at the Jaya Noodle shop. They're moving in February next year. They say they're going to tear down Jaya to rebuild the whole area. Kind of sad... I've been going to Jaya my whole life. I still remember when it was just a single storey supermarket and they had outdoor parking. When I was in secondary school, I used to hang out there almost everyday after school.

I browsed a DVD shop and bought Flashpoint, a Donnie Yen movie. I also got Grindhouse and Rogue Assassin. Grindhouse is dual feature movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. The other movie in the dual feature is Death Proof directed by Quentin Tarrantino. I watched Death Proof. It's got some long draggy dialogs but some awsome car chase scenes in the ending. I think you can only do a good movie once and anything after that is in bad taste. Quentin made some really kick ass movies like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and From Dusk Till Dawn. However, after watching Death Proof... it's just not the same as Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction. Yeah, it's got some cool dialogs but it's way over done. I loved Pulp Fiction for it's scripting and dialog. It's got some of the most memorable dialogs in a movie.

Anyway, I finally got home and I watched Flashpoint. Man, all I got to say after watching the movie is Awsome! Donnie Yen rocks! The fight choreography in the movie is really good... probably better than his SPL. I like the judo moves he does in the movie. This guy beats Jet Li any day man. Jet Li always fight with the same style, however, Donnie Yen is willing to use new fight styles in his choreography. For Flashpoint, there was a lot of Judo influence which was really cool. I wish Donnie Yen the best in his career.

Hrm... I think I'm going to play a bit of my Medieval Total War 2. I just made it into the age where I discovered The New World. I'm playing the Spanish now. Sailed all the way to central America and set up a colony. I tried trading with the Aztec empire but then I realized this guys don't even have a port! Haha... what a backward race. I thought I'll be all nice and friendly instead of invading them, I'll be chummy with them and be their allies. I gave them 100,000 florins just to be their friend and to trade with them. Now I discover they can't trade... they don't even have a market!

Damn... I guess I'll just have to conquer their lands.

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