Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I got my haircut today. I'm going to renew my passport and I needed a passport photo. I was going to take it myself but I figure I better let the shop do it for me.

My shoulders in the photo is a little crooked but what the heck... it's for my passport and I'll hardly ever look at it. If something does ever happen to me, they'll be looking for someone that looks like me with lopsided shoulders.

I wasn't planning to renew my passport till next year. I read in the newspaper they're planning to have a one hour passport renewal system nationwide by then. That would be great. However... one of my managers hinted I might have to go overseas for a few days in November so I better get that passport ready.

In my old/current passport, I've only used one page and that's to get into Kota Kinabalu. How embarassing. I haven't left the country since... according to this passport, the date of issue is Jan 2002. Wow, I've been in Malaysia for that long without going anywhere.

Would be wierd going to some strange land again. I'm so used to the routine of waking up; going to work; going to Chui Yan's house; going to the usual shopping malls. Everytime I drive to somewhere new in the Klang Valley I'm excited. Ever since I got my car fixed I can go places now... however flying of to a new country can be a little scarry. I like coming home at the end of the day to something assuring, like my own bed.

When I was a student studying overseas, sometimes I'll get paranoid and think, "who is going to help me if something happens to me in this strange land?" I would wake up feeling so far away from home. I still get that feeling even if I drive of to somewhere on the other side of the Klang Valley. I'm a homely person.

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Sasha said...

Ah...i found you. hahahaha

Its pretty scary going to new places but then it's quite excited too at the same time. But then if don't go to new places , cannot see new things and broaden our views. But still home, is the best. What am I taking about now. Blek. Have a good weekend.