Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Travel this year

In my old passport, which was valid for 3 years, there was only one chop in it... even that was for Kota Kinabalu. Goes to show I haven't travelled much in the last 3 years.

In my new passport which I renewed just before I when to Bali for my company's brainstorming session, Indonesia was my first chop. After that, it would be UK coming soon and then hopefully Korea!

Hrmm, I think I remember Joey Yap did say this would be a good year to travel. He said if you have any arguments or discussions, do it while travelling. Funny.

My mother found my old winter boots. It's an old Nike boots and there were salt stains on the bottoms. Other than that, it looks reasonable ok. I hope the size still fits. My winter jacket is still missing. Imagine that... the last time I wore it was almost 10 years ago!
A picture of me braving the Chicago weather in my jacket. Now what on earth happened to it?

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