Wednesday, April 02, 2008


In Alfred Hitchcock's movies, horror is never shown. We always see the girl screaming and the fear in her face as she contemplates the horror that is about to befall her. Our mind is great, as it imagines all the horrors that is to behall the victims.

In movies, our imagination are the best special effects. For example, we see a car driving of the screen and then we hear a loud crash. We all assume the car had crashed spectacularly. We don't have to show it, we just assume it.

The same goes for comedy. There is a joke I heard once while I was in college, it goes something like this:

2 scientist were debating how to stop pollution from the pig farming
industry. One of the studies they had to do was to see how much shit a pig could
hold in.

They had found a pig and stuffed a cork up its ass to literally stop
the flow. After one week, the scientist decided it was time to pull the cork out
and see the results.

They realized it was too dangerous to do it by themselves so they
trained a little monkey to do it. The monkey was trained on a dummy pig to pull
the cork out, everytime it pulled the cork out, it was rewarded with a

After another week of training, the pig was huge and bloated. The pig
was led into a field with the monkey. As the pig still needed someone to give it
a peanut, the first scientist volunteered to stay behind.

The second scientist ran of to stand a few metres away. On cue, the
first scientist gave the monkey a peanut and the monkey pulled out the cork and
this was followed by a loud bang with shit flying everywhere for a few

As the second scientist ran up to check on the first scientist, he
found him lying on the floor covered in crap laughing with the monkey nowhere to
be seen. He asked him what was so funny. The first scientist replied, "you
should have seen the look on the monkey's face as it tried to stuff the cork
back in and pay me back the peanuts!".

Okay, so what was your reaction when you read the punchline? I find
that people who can imagine the little monkey trying to stuff the cork back in
laughing very hard. People who don't get it can't visualise the monkey.

Now bear in mind, I didn't put any pictures here. The whole thing played out in your mind. Those that have a strong imagination and found toilet humour funny would be giggling or smiling to themselves as they were reading through the joke.

I told it to a few girls in college, most didn't get it. I find guys loved it more.

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