Thursday, April 03, 2008

Needful Things

I carry quite a lot of things in my pocket. The worst part is, I always forget what I need to bring along when I leave the house. When I get home, I just start emptying my pockets and drop it next to my computer... and it's already full of other junk next to it. By the time I leave, I just start stuffing things into my pocket again.

needful things

Check out all the stuff I can't leave the house with when I go to work. I need my

  1. phone
  2. wallet
  3. house keys
  4. car keys
  5. name tag
  6. thumb drive
  7. camera
  8. watch
  9. pen

Of course, this doesn't include the bag I bring to work which is also full of other stuff.

I wish there was a way to reduce the number of junk I have to carry around with me. The house key I already leave in the car when I drive out of the house. The name tag I leave in the car most of the time now, I don't bring into the house anymore.

As for the camera, it's a bit of a hassle. I need to wear a belt or have large pockets so I can carry it around.

Now I understand why ladies carry a handbag!

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