Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Over the River Thames

I don't know why, but I keep wanting to listen to Julie London's 'Cry Me A River'. I have it on my Iphone's playlist. It's supposed to be a sad song but I'm filled with glee every time I listen to it. I feel good when I listen to it. Maybe it's because every time I listen to the song now, I remember one of my favourite movie, 'V for Vendetta'.

Anyway, still haven't listed any pictures from London but I did have time to photoshop two panoramic pictures.

Gerard took me for a walk in the evening around London. We ended up at Hungerford Bridge over the Thames River. I took 3-4 shots and stitched it together. On the left, you can see the ferry terminals. The White building that is brightly lighted on the right is the Royal Festival Hall.

After many years of not experiencing wind chill, I almost forgot what it was like until I got unto the bridge. I was standing there and my face was stinging from the cold. I had a sudden urge to just retreat of the bridge and get out of the cold. At that moment, I started to remember why I hate winter.

This picture I took down river on the Wesminster Bridge a few days later. You can see the Hungerford Bridge in the centre of the picture. The Eye of London is pretty obvious. It features prominently in London disaster movies now. I saw it getting swept away in Flood. I think some Londoners hate it, they probably think it's an eyesore.

It was also chilly when I took this picture. The weather looks clear in this picture but it's deceiving. I think the temperature was between 5-10C when I was standing there.

Anyway, do click on the pictures for a clearer view.

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