Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This one goes down to 9

still trying to recover from my flu. No more nasal congestion since I started taking this decongestant. However, I have a slight cough and sore throat. I've been sitting in my air conditioned room, so maybe the air is dry and giving me the sore throat. Not good.

Yesterday, my colleague said to experience what 9C-15C (the current temperature in London), I should set the air conditioner in my room to 9C. I said my air con only goes down to 19C, he replied his goes down to 9C. Damn!

Shit, I was wondering what kind of air con he has at home... he has like the Spinal Tap's air conditioning... "This one goes all the way to 11!".

If you never seen the Spinal Tap documentary before, the lead singer is showing a reporter around his speakers. All the speakers goes up to 10 in the volume except for one that goes up to 11. He boast that its the most powerful speaker there is, which the reporter replies "why not just make 10 louder in the other speakers?"

The guy is stumped and paused and finally answers "but this one goes up to 11"

This makes me wonder if the reason my colleague bought his air conditioner was because it could go down all the way to 9C. Must be like the air conditioning unit for a freezer room. I can't imagine anyone would find 9C as a comfortable room temperature. Mine is a York and its set to 27C or 28C.

My mother can't find my old winter jacket, so it means I probably have to get one. I do have a warm fleece jacket I bought from FOS, I wonder if that would do. I've survived running around at 5C with just a fleece jacket before but that was a long time ago when I was ready for the weather.

I'll have to go shop and buy a pair of gloves, a scarf and also something to keep my head and ears warm. I have my old boots but I might not wear them there. I hope it doesn't snow again. I don't want to fall flat on my back from slipping on ice on the sidewalk. The last time that happened, I needed an ambulance for my pride. Very embarrassing.


BeverLy's Secret said...

OMG~~ you better get more rest!!

p/s: Pilsbury icon is so cute! I have that too~~

luxen said...

trying, trying...