Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Me and Macgyver

I was surfing through wikipedia and I looked up my old university, St. Cloud State University. Guess what... Richard Dean Anderson used to study there! I when to the same uni as Macgyver!

Macgyver, my hero!

Everytime I find myself in a hard situation, I would ask myself "What would Macgyver do?", "How can I improvise?" The only reason I bought a Swiss Army Knife was because of watching Macgyver. I still have one which I keep in my car.


sensei said...

Yup.. I also bought my Swiss Army knife because of MacGyver.. damn good advertising strategy.. hehe..

luxen said...

I lost 2 already, both had my name engraved on it. There are people out there who actually want to keep a blade with someone's else name on it.

I have a folding pliar also which I bought from Ace Hardware. Only RM15. The large pliars are more useful than the blades.

I almost cut my forefinger of once when my swiss army knife snapped back and cut deep into my finger. I think I was trying to stab something with it.