Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Leaving the country

I thought today was going to be a slow day... until someone called me for a meeting at the end of the day. I thought okay, shouldn't take too long. I just finished writing a proposal so I had some time to spare.

Turns out everything turned topsy-turvy. At the meeting, we were discussing travel plans and suddenly my name came up and now I have to go along with the team to... hrmm, I can't mention the city but it's outside out of Malaysia and the flight is going to be damn long!

Part of me is looking forward to it, I've never been to that part of the world before. The other part of me is dreading it, I hate travelling. I was hesistant but they insisted I go. Okay, I won't fight it. I always wanted to go there one day.

I checked the weather, looks like its going to be cold. I've asked my mother to dig out my old winter jacket. Finally, I get to use it again. I hope its still around. I know the inner lining of the sleeve is torn, so I have to get that repaired. Other than that, I have a flurry of e-mails and phone calls to make; equipment to prepare... all the logistics is going to be a headache.

I did a mental calculation of how much allowance I will be getting, quite a tidy sum but after factoring the cost of living in that city, I don't think much would be left. Food itself is going to cost a bomb! At least there's public transportation over there.

Chui Yan is already estatic that I'm going, she's preparing a list of things to buy there. I don't even know I have time to do any shopping at all.

Speaking of shopping, I checked out the price of the Iphone over there. The unlocked Iphone in Malaysia is cheaper. However, the downside of the local unlocked phones is that there is no warranty. If I buy the phone over there, then I have to unlock it anyway so there goes the warranty too.

I when to visit Maccity at One Utama. I asked them when they were going to get their Iphones in Malaysia. The guy said probably in June or July. That's also when Iphone is getting the new version 1.4 software upgrade. Price estimate between 2000-3000. The guy said, if the US currency continues to fall, it could be cheaper.

Hrmm, now I know why the unlocked phones are going for so cheap. They're probably trying to clear their stock before the 'legit' ones come in. It was only a few months ago, the unlocked Iphones were still selling at RM2500 for the 8GB model. Now, its only RM2000.

Okay, I guess I can wait until July to see what happens. Looks like I won't be buying anything for myself this coming birthday. Its sort of a tradition where I always buy something nice for myself on my birthday. Maybe by July my interest in the Iphone would have worn of. I always get really excited about some new technology but 3 months down the road, its not new anymore and there's something else over the horizon.

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BeverLy's Secret said...

hey Luxen,

thx for the comment! what a length..hehe..

You can get Taco Bell in S'pore if not mistaken.. But honestly, after having Tex-Mex foods in Austin, Taco Bell is nothing :p

Agree with you about the chinese foods in US..give me 5!!