Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Of to Kota Bharu & London

I'm packing right now. I'm of to Kota Bharu in a while. It's the first time I'm trying the Firefly airline. I figure its easier to use than Air Asia as Firefly's airport is in Subang while the Air Asia airport is in Sepang.

I'm going to take a cab to Chui Yan's house and then we're going to take another taxi straight to Subang airport. Hopefully, everything is on time. I know traffic is going to be pretty bad later as it's rush hour. I've called for a cab to come at 6PM to pick me up, I figure I'll get to her house just before 7PM.

I'll be coming back on Saturday, Sunday I'm flying of to London for a week. I'm going to be shooting at the British National Library and The School of Oriental Studies. Both are notable world class research institution.

I hope I get to meet up with some old friends there.

Travel, travel, travel... I hope its over in the blink of an eye. I hate the thought of travelling but I suppose I'll enjoy it when I'm in the moment of it.

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