Friday, April 04, 2008

Office pets and plants

I'm the first to admit I don't have a green thumb. When I was a kid, I tried growing some soya beans in a cup. I put some wet tissues over it and it sprouted some shoots. That was a good start, after that... it didn't survive past a few weeks.

A few years ago, I used to keep a small aquarium on my desk in the office. It was one of those cheap large plastic aquariums. I bought 10 guppies of different colour and put them in it. It was fun to watch them swimming in it. I also bought a small water pump for them. I think the pump was too damn strong because the guppies had a hard time just swimming against the current. It even had a little light in it! Changing the water once a week was a bitch but I still did it.

One day I came into the office and found all the guppies dead. The water pump had short circuited and electrocuted the guppies. I flushed it all down the toilet. That was the end of that.

Two years ago, I got a Christmas present from Midvalley Megamall. It was a batch of cactus plants. I gave out most of it to my colleagues. I picked one for myself, it wasn't a cactus plant. It looked more like a little shrub in a small pot.

It sat on my desk for 2 years, once awhile I water it. After 2 years of neglect look what happened to it.

All those brown stumps used to be green. Now, there's not much left. I think this poor plant is slowly dying. Is that like bad karma? It feels like it. When ever I go away for long periods, no one waters it for me. I'm going to be gone for another long stretch, I hope it survives until I get back. I don't have a pet, I only have this plant which I don't even know what species it is.
Either that, or get a new plant.

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eelynn said...

my ex-colleague used to have a potted cactus at his desk. he watered it 2x every day.

one day someone picked up the pot to have a closer look. the whole cactus just tumbled out like a deflated balloon. all the flesh inside the prickly cover was totally gone.

apparently, he over-watered it, cactus supposed to be watered once a week only.

he became known as "the one who successfully killed a cactus."