Friday, April 04, 2008

Iphone & writing

I managed to lay my hands on an Iphone today. I was estatic!

I borrowed it from someone in the office. I was testing the WiFi settings in my office and it was fun. I used it for 2 hours and I think I drained half of its battery. It didn't have any movies or songs to test it out on. Too bad.

I loved the safari browser. It opened up most of the webpages with ease. I tried browing my own blog with it. I only had problems with the youtube's that I had in my blog. That's okay, I can just view that in the youtube widget it has.

It also has a problem viewing java in some pages. I couldn't open wikimapia properly. Not a plus point as it would certaintly help to be able to see areas tagged in wikimapia. I know they have a map in Iphone but it doesn't have a large users community like wikimapia.

It just felt so good to hold it in my hands. I know I'm just going to love holding one that I can call my own! 3 more months until they launch Iphone in Malaysia... I hope!

Typing on the keyboard was a bitch. I had to flip it to wide view so that the keyboard was wider. I kept punching the wrong buttons. However, if I type fast, without looking at the keys too much, I get better results. So it means I should use the 'force' and try not to focus too much on typing.

For those who hen peck their keyboards while typing, they might have a problem with the Iphone's keyboard. As for me, I type pretty fast on my own desktop keyboard as it is. All those time spend chatting on IRC has improved my typing skills.

One of the things I used to love to do was type out song lyrics as the singer was singing the song. It was karaoke keyboarding. I tried to see how fast I could keep up with the guy/gal singing while I type out the lyrics. I find I could keep up with oldies pretty easily with little error. For modern pop songs, I can't keep up. Not because I can't type fast enough, I can't hear the words in the lyrics. I often mishear what they're saying!

My typing is a lot better than my hand writing.

There is one skill I learned when it comes to writing, to write without looking. When I was in film class, we had to watch films and take notes because we would have exams based on the films we watched. I had to learn how to write in the dark. I couldn't see what I was writing, so I just wrote blindly as fast I could on my notepad. Surprisingly, when the lights came on, my writing was pretty legit.

Now I can write without looking down. It helps when I'm copying something. It saves time looking up and down. At first, it always feels a bit unnatural, but when you begin to tell yourself its okay to make mistakes, just write... you'll find that you can do it naturally. Give it a try, you'll be surprised at the results.

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