Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chung Wa Dae korean restaurant in Ampang

Couldn't decide what to have for dinner tonight so me and the wife decided to be adventurous and drive to Ampang and try a Korean restaurant I read about online.

The place was called Chung Wa Dae at One Ampang Avenue. Took me about half an hour of driving from PJ to get there. I took the longer route by using the DUKE highway and the MR2 but at least there was no jam.

After 30 minutes of driving and following my GPS, we finally got to the little korean town in Ampang. There were many Korean and Iranian shops in the area.

There was already a few people waiting for a table outside the restaurant, so at least that's a good sign that the place was popular. Even with so many competition along the same row of shops, theirs was the only restaurant with a long queue waiting outside. After 15 minutes of waiting we finally got our table.

Before we were shown to our table, the lady boss took our order. We decided on the RM88++ set of pork, grill eel and prawns.

The place was packed, the decor looks dated. It looks like they have been in business for many years and didn't have the time to refresh the decor.

There was a large LCD TV at the back which was playing a concert by PSY in Korea. I was totally distracted by the TV. I was watching the concert on TV and Gangnam Style came on. The crowd just went wild. The guy isn't very good looking but man... he's a really good entertainer. It looked like a fantastic concert.

Anyway, after 5 minutes, the condiments arrived. Here's some of the photos.

 This one is my favourite. It's cockles in spicy sauce. Not many Koreans restaurants in Malaysia have it.

 Some wierd Spring Onion salad with spicy dressing.

 The usual spicy sausage. This one has been soaking in the sauce too long, the sausage was too soft.

Another usual fare, fried anchovies.

 They had century eggs, this was something different.

 Potatoes, I like this.

 Some wierd tasteless jelly. There's spicy sauce on it but the jelly was tasteless. It was odd having dessert with chilies on it.

 This was the marinated grilled eel. It's the same style as how the Japanese do it.

 We had a small bean paste soup too. It was quite nice.


Our prawn. Only one wasn't fresh. The rest was nicely grilled.

I took some videos of the pork being grilled but taking forever to upload into here so I'll skip that. The pork wasn't marinated either so nothing to shout about.

We had another kimchi soup, it was more sour than I what I was expecting.

Overall, the bill came up to RM106 for 2 person. Not bad considering there was prawn and eel also.

Anyway, good meal but I probably won't drive to Ampang again for it.


Shahana Shafiuddin said...

Wow, looks very delicious... wish to taste them all (except the prawn)

Anonymous said...

hello, can i have one of your photos in large format?

luxen said...

Give me your email and let me know why you want it and how you will use it