Monday, September 10, 2012

Proton Saga BLM 30000KM service

This is the other thing that pissed me of today. It's a long story and it's right at the end.

Today, I had to wake up early to send my car for its 30,000KM service at the Proton Platinum Centre at Mutiara Damansara. My car has really low mileage, I drive about 10,000KM a year only so my car is 3 years old now and it's about 31K now.

My 20K KM service was done at a different mechanic, I wasn't really happy with the service so for the 30K KM service, I when back to Proton. I find that their mechanic was more knowledgeable about the car (duh, proton technicians... of course).

I had to take a cab back to my office at Sri Pentas and I tried hailing one down by the side of the road, I haven't done this in a long time and couldn't remember how to do it properly anymore. Do I raise my hand all the way? How do I know if the cab was slowing down for me or for the traffic light?

Anyway, after 5 minutes, this old proton saga with an Indian uncle and Indian passenger in front pulled up. I told him where I wanted to go and the first thing he said was, "actually, I'm on the way home but I'll give you a ride anyway". Well, don't do me any favours dude.

He was really chatty, asking me where I stayed, complaining about the traffic, etc. The whole time, I was just wondering who was the other dude sitting in the front seat. I just gave him one word answers as I didn't want to share any personal info with him just in case the two of them decided to rob me. One of the stories he told was about this customer that asked him to kept the change and was really generous everytime.

After a few minutes, I arrived at the office. The meter came up to RM6 plus. I didn't ask him to keep the change. I just thanked him and he said "God bless you"... okay.

Anyway, in the afternoon, I got a call from Proton to come collect my car. I had to walk all the way to 1 Utama to catch a cab back to the service center. While I was walking to the taxi stand, a car coming down the parking ramp suddenly braked and I had to jump back. I didn't realize there was a used bottle of juice behind me and I kicked it. It sprayed this grossed out liquid all over my right side of my leg.

I looked down at my pants and it was covered in ants from the juice and what looked like small bits of beehoon. I was thinking, "WTF, why the heck is there beehoon in the juice bottle?... and what the heck is that smell?!" It smelt like vomit. Gross. Then I imagined someone had puke into the bottle and now my leg smells like puke.

I ran to the cab so I could get my car and get home fast.

At the Proton service, I saw 2 colleagues there who were window shopping for a car. I dropped by to say hi and totally forgot about the crap on my leg, by then it had dried out already and wasn't feeling so icky. My colleague wasn't decided on whether he should get the car. I told him he should as Proton was a great brand now and the service was really good. That's why I'm sevicing my car there.

After that, we all left and when I was driving out, the stupid boom gate at the service center dropped down on my car. The thud was so loud, my add-on backview mirror dropped down. I came out of my car to check and luckily there was no damage. The guard said, this boom gate only allows one car at a time. I screwed the guard and said you should have told me that then instead of letting me drive through it. Since there was no damage on my car, I let it go.

That really pissed me of because just a few minutes ago I had all nice things to say about Proton, and now I'm pissed at their stupid boom gate.

I'm sitting here trying to rationalize things out now and thinking back... yeah, the service at Proton is still good but expensive. Full service including allignment came up to RM298. That included an oil and filter change. They also managed to fix the creaking sound in my car. Hated that sound.

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