Thursday, September 13, 2012

Iphone 5 launch thoughts

Not impressed with the iphone 5. It doesn't have mind blowing features like the difference between iphone 3G and iphone 4.

The difference between iphone 4 and 5 is only incremental and won't push iphone 4 users like me to switch to iphone 5.

I'll probably wait until iphone 5S at least or skip the iphone 5 generation and wait for iphone 6.

Also, its going to take awhile before they jailbreak the A6 processor unlocked.

The battery on my iphone 4 is at its half life already, it last half a day only heavy use. If the battery dies on this iphone 4 of mine then maybe I'll consider getting a new phone.

Also, the samsung galaxy III seems interesting. A little too large for my pants pocket but its something different from the iphone.

I pretty much stopped playing games on my iphone 4 already since it drains the battery a lot. I use it more for the social networking; emails; and for work.

So if iPhone 5 has some specific features that help improve my productivity, i'll probably wait.

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