Thursday, September 27, 2012

shower galore

Today I when to Ace Hardware to buy a shower head. The hose on my old shower was all clogged up with calcium deposit; pebbles and gunk in it. I thought this is crap, since I was going to get a new hose, might as well get a new shower head too.

I thought I'll treat myself and get one of those rain shower heads. I've seen it before and it looked awesome. I stood at the shower head head section for a good 30 minutes as I couldn't decide. The most expensive shower head about RM220. I said it could massage me and it had LED lights that can change color... like what the heck, why would I want psychadelic lights while I'm showering?

I thought it about then I realized if showering is going to be so pleasurable, I'll just be wasting more water staying in the shower. So I skipped all the expensive shower heads and settled for one that was RM38. It had a similar rain design but was slightly smaller.

I was all excited and came back to test it and was dissapointed. The rain showers don't have the pressure like my old shower head. Thinking back, good thing I didn't buy the ones that were RM167 or the RM220 one.

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