Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today I had to make some cuts to an episode. Lembaga Penapisan Filem, LPF (The Film Censorship Board) in their report said:

Kaburkan paparan proses menindik telinga seorang lelaki yang agak menggerunkan dengan menggunakan sebatang besi.

Basically it was a scene of a guy getting his ears pierced with a metal spike. The the other scenes were a girl getting the back of her neck pierced and a guy showing of his tongue piercings. He had piercings in the shape of a pill in his tongue.

When we first edited it, I decided to put everything in anyway and see what LPF would say. I could just imagine the guy watching it and cringing when he saw the scenes. I love his choice of word "menggerunkan". In english it basically means cringe. So it's basically cringe inducing scenes.

In the end I just blurred the visuals and changed some.

LPF did however allow other scenes of tattoing and piercings. Mind you, this is rated U for Umum (for general viewing). So the standards for U has changed to something a bit more liberal over the years.

Recently we put pole dancing and Bah Kut Teh on air too. There were minor cuts by LPF but they were okay with the rest of the visuals. I have to comment LPF though because they have an open door policy. When ever I want to do a controversial topic, I will walk into their room and discuss with them what I want to shoot. They'll let me know their concerns and I'll find ways to work around it.

By the way, i checked on Google translate and menggerunkan translated to awesome. LOL!

Bad translation but I would to think those scenes were awesome too!

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