Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why I'm good at what I do

Feeling much better today. As I sit on my sofa I contemplate a lot of things.

I think about why I'm good at my job and came up with a list:

1. I like learning new technology.
In TV Production, it's a constantly evolving industry, new softwares, cameras and workflows are constantly launched. I love trying out all the new technology.

2. I know how visual grammar. It's the basics of putting visuals together to tell a story.

3. I'm a TV production Major and Film Studies Minor. That two combination really helps in my line of work. Learning the theories of film allows me to understand the rules in visual grammar better.

4. I have pretty good general knowledge. To enter my Major in uni, I remember they had a general knowledge test. Many failed on the first try, I passed. I love reading the news and keeping up with current affairs. My favourite news website is the BBC.

5. I took a variety of classes in uni, mostly in the arts and humanities like psychology, sociology, music history, philosophy, and a bunch of other wierd classes. I understand people a lot better.

6. I love reading about mythology. Each myth is a great story and knowing what makes a good story is important.

7. My problem solving skills are pretty good. I know how things work so I know how to find a workaround when something fails. Watching Mcgyver as a kid help inspire me to find solutions to problems.

8. I love experimenting with new things. I get a lot of satisfaction in knowing when something works.

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